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Miley Cyrus
Morey Management Group
1100 Glendon Avenue
Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90024


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(MileyHopeCyrus_real, 15. 7. 2011 18:05)

Please,sub!And stop with posers!
xox Miley.


(kiki, 28. 3. 2011 18:43)

!!!hele vy si fakt myslite ze je to miley cyrus ? asi tezko je to jen lharka!!!!

Re: hahahaha

(snv, 14. 7. 2011 15:16)

miley neni lharka ale ti lidi co ji tady za ni pisou jen delaj ze jsou miley ale sou to jen normal holky


(Destiny Hope Cyrus, 21. 4. 2011 20:52)

Hello my name is Destiny Hope Cyrus and you? I love you!!! I love this is web

Re: Hello!!!!!!

(snv, 14. 7. 2011 15:14)

je to tvuj web


(selena gomes, 16. 2. 2011 17:46)

ahoj tadi tvá kamarádka selena gomes

Re: kámoški

(Mistake, 23. 4. 2011 14:00)

Selena Gomez!No,Selena Gomes...You are strange,that's joke! :^D..♥..Thank you.

Re: kámoški

(wnekgnetgnteig, 14. 7. 2011 15:12)

ti tak věří možná jí to nikdo nepřekládá

miley cyrus

(nikola, 5. 12. 2010 12:20)

hello miley how are you ma name is nikola jancarova i live in the praue

Re: miley cyrus

(Thanks, 23. 4. 2011 13:58)

Hello,thx. (^^:...Miley C.

Re: miley cyrus

(Miley Cyrus, 30. 4. 2011 15:21)

Hi I´m Miley Cyrus I don´t understand you now !! Sorry but I´m talking English and no Czech my email is : Miley.Cyrus-smiley-cat@seznam.cz I have got a 2 email one is ENGLIS and one is Czech Goodbye people !!

Re: Re: miley cyrus

(MileyHopeCyrus_real, 1. 5. 2011 17:25)

Poser!...I hate posers.What is this seznam ?That's stupid!..Blunder!!...I have no e-mail on the CZECH Website! Ok,stop it!.Thank you.


(MileyHopeCyrus_real, 23. 4. 2011 13:55)

Hello my name is Destiny Hope Cyrus and you? I love you!!! I love this is web ! ..This is not me.! My name on this site is MileyHopeCyrus_real...It's fake,Destiny Hope Cyrus!♥...I love you my fans,but I do not want to hurt them like you.Thank you so much..!♥


(MileyHopeCyrus_real, 21. 4. 2011 12:06)

Thx!♥Heart that's gorgeous!.

miley love ♥♥♥♥

(ashley , 18. 4. 2011 17:44)

♥♥♥ i love you!!!!!! ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

Re: miley love ♥♥♥♥

(MileyHopeCyrus_real, 21. 4. 2011 12:01)

Hi,hun!♥..Thank you so much.I love you too.I love my fans,but I have to go.Bye!♥..Xox!


(MileyHopeCyrus_real, 15. 4. 2011 14:26)

Hey my fans!.I was so touched by your comments to me. :]
I love you very!..But,I'm afraid that I do not believe.Hallo that's fake,I know!..I hate posers..My concert will definitely be interesting in your city
Prague.I'll bring my little sister Noah Cyrus!Ok,see you later.Bye my perfect fans! I love you♥!.


(Lady☻, 15. 4. 2011 14:20)

Hey,Miley why?♥ I want you here! Miley Cyrus I love but,I'm very unhappy because of you.This is very nice masterpiece♥..Miss you Destiny♥!I love you very please let us arrive!♥ Symbol of peace!♥..I'm Peace girl like you!♥..Miley I love you but,I hope you doing fine and more!♥Every night I think about you, how about you honey...Thank you so much,btw:your sister Noie is best and Ems too. (: ...Hey *♥Love♥* Your biggest fan Lady Romen! Hi love ♥!


(terka, 11. 4. 2011 18:16)

Please keep your poison to Prague's concert

Miley Cyrus

(blabla, 7. 4. 2011 10:42)

Hello,how are you?I´m Great.Whot´s your favourite song and group?Hello